3 Steps to Being Recognized in the Hidden Job Market

Jul 12, 2021
I get asked all the time if I have some sort of personal “in” with the hidden job market.
I want to tell you what that is, how you can find it, and what that really entails.
Pretend you hear 007 music right now because I feel like that's what the hidden job market sounds like. Most people think you have to have some sort of secret coverage or clearance in order to get to it and that’s just not true, in fact, it all comes down to reputation and relationships. Not my reputation and relationships but yours, which should be empowering. You shouldn’t have to look to others to land jobs, it is your ability to create relationships that build your reputation.
There are things you can do right this second that can really change the game and I would say before you go to the hidden job market I want you to make sure that your LinkedIn profile and your resume are impeccable. They both must share very clearly what it is you want and the value that you bring, not wordy, not long, and they need to be error-free. My Market Me course walks you through exactly how to do all of these steps and create those bulletproof assets but for argument’s sake, let's pretend that you've done this homework.
Now you need to reach out to your network. This is a litmus test to see where your reputation is really gotten you. It’s amazing to me how many people I work with that don't realize how valuable they are to their market and how much everyone they’ve worked with values them.
There’s a real fear of reaching out to past colleagues on LinkedIn. One, because job seekers assume people in their network have forgotten them. Two, they make the assumption that the only reason you would be connecting with others is that you need them for something. Please connect with everyone that you've ever worked with on LinkedIn, that's what the platform is designed to do. It shows that you understand the power of relationships.
Know Your Greatness
No matter what your job function you have had the power to saved companies time and/or money. You have most likely streamlined processes. I don't care how small you are in this industry or how large you are you have the same capabilities. I'm laying all this out because understanding your value is part of connecting. When reaching out to others it’s not about them helping you it’s about you uncovering how you can utilize your value to help them.
You will be shocked to figure out that Sarah, a former work colleague, has an opening and she wants you in there because she's worked with you and loved it. She knows that if you come aboard that she is going to look like a rock star because she found you.
Hidden Job Market = connecting with past work relationships + share your version of helping
A Blueprint
If you find yourself saying “I don't even know what this looks like, I don't know how to start,” don't worry I have put together and networking guide for you on exactly how to do this. I teach you exactly how to really reach the hidden job market but I also must caution you that this is really for those people that already know what kind of job they want and the value that they bring.
A Word of Caution
If you jump straight into networking and your resume and LinkedIn profile are not up to snuff you will kill your reputation and that’s hard to rebuild. Remember, no one is willing to bet their own reputation on your subpar resume.
In my course, Market Me, we uncover your talents, build a clear and concise resume and prepare you to ace interviews.
Your Action Items
  1. Let go of your fear and connect with everyone you know on LinkedIn.
  2. Know your version of greatness so that you can readily share it with your network.
  3. Download my Networking Guide to properly reach out to your connections and dazzle them with your abilities or join my course waitlist to uncover your talents and clarify them for your resume.

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