Market Me

Drives your job search success.

I have leveraged this course with my personal clients for years, continually updating it with the latest hiring and career marketing trends. And now it’s available to you in an Online Course!

It’s self-paced and I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Market Me is divided into a series of manageable video lessons, each of which focuses on a career-skyrocketing topic. In each lesson. I’m an avid notetaker and recommend you become one as well. I’ve made it easy by including downloadable worksheets to following alow with. 

I've also thrown in 2 awesome Bonuses!

The first is a final interview worksheet that will put you five steps ahead of any other applicants competing for that position you want. When I was interviewing job candidates, I always wished one of them would bring this type of material to an interview. My clients who have leveraged the final interview document truly impressed their target companies.

The second bonus is information on how to properly follow up after an interview in a productive, impactful way. If applied correctly, this tactic really changes the game - it can be that extra push you need to land the offer.

Do you hear yourself saying,
“But Emily, what if I don’t really
believe in myself?”

Well, let’s start by focusing on what you’re truly capable of so you understand how great your worth is.

“I also don’t know the right questions to ask my interviewer.”

I provided some great go-to questions that are sure to impress and get you more data that you can leverage to sell yourself to the interviewer.

“How will I know how to answer the really difficult questions at this interview?”

I’m giving you a formula to build a solid narrative that will exemplify your strengths,no matter the question. Even that dreaded“so,tell me about yourself” one.

“Emily, what about negotiating my offer?”

I will walk you through it, step-by-step, so you can secure your monetary needs in any new career opportunity.

You’re probably reading this too late at night when you should be in bed, so I’ll be brief.

Don’t wait to go out there and get your dream job.

Stop making excuses about your skills, your resume, or your interview abilities. Simply follow the link below and we can start working toward that future you, the one who’s a fearless go-getter. Are you ready to get started? Don’t wait until the next new year, make this year life-changing by rewriting your story. By this time next year, you’ll be reminiscing on how you got out of the bad, dead-end job and found your happiness again. Your future is waiting.

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