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All without bragging or being salesy.


The Market Me System includes an online course, live coaching...and yes a LinkedIn group comes with it.


Market Me Students

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Human Resources Professional

Bridget Bilello

I can’t thank you enough for your insight, guidance, and practical advice. Your step-by-step plan kept me on track and had me focused on the right things at the right time. Your sense of humor and honesty made the process fun and easy. I felt more confident than ever going into the interview process and I’m excited to say that I will be starting my new career in just a few short days! Thank you so much Emily!

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Account Manager

Jennifer Braham

So many "ah-ha" moments from the superpowers exercise to the resume revamp to the checklists. I learned to get more specific in what I'm looking for... I was too general and all over the place. Now I am targeting my dream companies and am clear in the types of roles for which I am applying.

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Global Account Director

Art Sauer

Today I started my new position, and I would not have gotten there if not for Emily. Emily works tirelessly to counsel, challenge, and assist her clients to create a true strategy. One of the things I loved about working with Emily is that is it not about finding a job, but finding the "why" of what you love to do, and then applying your strategy toward it. I am forever grateful for working with Emily, and I highly recommend contacting her.

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Head of Commercial Operations

Cari Schutzler

Emily is AMAZING! Don’t hesitate for a minute to sign up for her services. You will determine your strengths, develop your “elevator pitch”, update your LI profile, gain confidence for interviewing, negotiating and so much more! Her weekly group meetings are invaluable. Finally, purchase the resume review/edit. I had two HR professionals review my first draft and Emily edited it to another level. I can’t say enough about Emily and refer everyone (regardless of experience level) to her.

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Construction Accounting

Kirsten Jones

I highly recommend Emily, she was an integral career coach for me when I needed it. Weekly zooms with her as well as her resume writing really gave me the needed push to finally break away from a position I felt stuck in. Thanks to her I have now successfully used the tools she provided to land at a new job 18 months ago, as well as a new job this month when COVID-19 resulted in my layoff from the other one. If you're looking for solid advice and someone who really listens, even to what you're not saying, Emily Hawkins, Your Life, Your Coach is a 5-star recommendation from me.

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Non-profit Development Professional

Lindsay Macbeth

If you're considering working with Emily for your resume and career coaching needs - you should definitely take the plunge and do it! After several months of being interviewed and being the second choice for positions I was interested in, I knew there was a disconnect on how I marketed myself in interviews. Emily helped me learn how to speak more confidently about my skills and accomplishments through her coaching. She helped me learn how to showcase my skills, experience, and accomplishments in a professional and impactful way. I'm excited to be working in the position and organization I now work in, and am unspeakably grateful to Emily for helping me get here.

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Amazon Operations Manager

Rich Williams

Emily’s Market Me course brings you to a new level in personal coaching and career guidance. Her modular design makes it easy to focus on you and gain the absolute best perspective of yourself and the value you can bring to a current and or a future employer. You also have the option to have Emily screen and restructure your resume that does get past the ATS systems and into the hands of company recruiters and hiring managers. Market me can be is one module at a time (which I found out worked best) or you can speed through it if you like. Personally, the reflection tasks make you think and doing it one step at a time worked best for me. As a result of trusting and believing in Emily and her Market Me course I have had multiple phone interviews, virtual interviews, and after a 4 hour virtual interview received a written job offer for what I wanted, the compensation I wanted, and an unexpected sign-on bonus. I strongly recommend that you give Emily Hawkins the opportunity to help you flourish in todays uncertain job market by making you become the best of yourself. Her career coaching and skills and interactive zoom Q&A calls allow you to speak directly to her and get immediate positive feedback to guide you to your own personal best success. Thank you Emily…!