I’m Emily Hawkins,

I empower the unemployed, unfulfilled and unrecognized to find what they love in their life and put it in their work. My systems, workshops and individual coaching will help you identify the barriers that are preventing you from knowing and achieving your purpose. 


I will guide you to get that job, meet your goal, find your passion and change your life.


If you're ready to get started join the waitlist for my next course.  We identify what you're missing to create more clarity around your unique gifts to capture more attention in today's market.


The Way We Get Hired is Changing

In A Big Way

Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the "right time" to start your job search, or struggling to get noticed in the sea of applicants....2021 can be the big breakthrough year you've been waiting for.

Join me in this free webinar to get fully updated on what it takes to land more interviews and better offers by creating a successful search strategy this year and beyond.

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Senior Sales Executive

After so many years, doing the same job...you forget why you even started down this road and that is where Emily is able to work her magic. She is a resume whiz and a LinkedIn guru but what means the most to me is how she helped open my eyes to other opportunities and boosted my confidence in what I had to offer future employers. I will be able to use her content throughout my professional career. Thank you, Emily! 


Customer Experience

Emily is quite simply a coaching ROCKSTAR! Emily listened and challenged me! She empowered me to dream again and set new goals for myself in order to pursue what sets my soul on fire!  Oh yeah, I landed my #1 ‘dream job’ with the brand of my choice within 30 days of my initial free session based on her framework and coaching! Emily - THANK YOU for coaching me!


Advisory Manager

Emily was fabulous to work with! I deeply value her career insights, professionalism, and leadership. When interacting with Emily, I feel like I am gaining direction from a seasoned executive. Emily has a unique ability to clarify situations and break down complexities into actionable steps. Not to mention, Emily took my feedback, skills, and personality insights and crafted all into a killer resume! If you want a genuine, passionate coach to help you find your voice, I highly recommend Emily!

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