Bridget B.

I can’t thank you enough for your insight, guidance and practical advice. Your step-by-step plan kept me on track and had me focused on the right things at the right time. Your sense of humor and honesty made the process fun and easy. I felt more confident than ever going into the interview process and I’m excited to say that I will be starting my new career in just a few short days! Thank you so much Emily!

Toni P.

Prior to Market Me, I had been applying for over 2.5 years in my immediate surroundings and state to no avail. So with nothing to lose, I purchased Market Me. and followed the suggestions as outlined by Emily. I found Market Me to be extremely helpful in how Ms. Hawkins guides her clients through choosing the right resume for individual skillset and current situation, to explicit steps on setting up a LinkedIn profile, to other helpful tools and resources. I joined in mid-June and 10 days later I received an invitation to interview for a position aligned with my skill set. After two rounds of follow-up interviews, I received and accepted an offer three weeks after cleaning up my information on LinkedIn using the techniques from Market Me. Thanks so much, Emily, I would definitely recommend Market Me to anyone serious about putting in the work and willing to do something new and exciting as a career!

Grace C.

Emily's Market Me course helped me in so many ways. I was laid off from a job I absolutely loved and didn't know how to move forward with finding my next role. Emily helped me overhaul my resume, discover what it was I wanted to do next in life, and find the confidence to interview and land a job I now love. She quickly responded to emails when I was in the middle of negotiation limbo and was a great cheerleader to me over the course of searching for a job. If you're on the fence about signing up for Market Me, I can't recommend it enough to you. You will absolutely grow in this program.

Isaac M.

This past year I found myself on the job hunt to relocate for family reasons. As a mid-career professional, it had been several years since I found myself looking for a new career. After several slow and painful months, lessons learned, and not finding the right job using traditional methods; I knew I needed a change—queue Emily Hawkins. Emily is incredibly approachable and extremely knowledgeable as a career coach. She did not just come to me with solutions. She started by seeking to understand who I was as a professional, what made me tick, and where I wanted to go in my career. Through a combination of her interactive online course and one-on-one coaching, Emily was able to help me revamp my resume, tailor my social media presence, and successfully navigate the negotiation process with multiple offers. If you require a career change, I highly recommend Emily. She is worth your time and your money. Your investment in Emily and yourself will pay lifelong dividends.

Janice C.

Emily's course changed my life. I knew I had the skills and experience to land a new job, but I didn't know how to package it. Emily gave the the tools I needed to write an effective resume, build a strong LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews. But, most importantly, she gave the confidence I needed to know I could land the "big job" after being in the same role for a long time. Signing up for her course is quite possibly the best money I ever spent!

Jonathan W.

I felt Emily's message resonated with me from start. When I realized she was actually there to help and was present for live interactive webinars, I knew she was genuinely engaged with her clients. She has built an amazingly supportive group, which was such a confidence builder. I have recommended her program to others and will continue to do so.

Jessica Lynn G.

Emily's course is a must have in your arsenal during your job search. The course gave me the confidence to see the talent that I possess, but most importantly how to get others to see the talent and take decisive action to land the opportunity I was seeking. If you have ever struggled or gotten "stuck", this course will help you. No matter your background, location, or career experience, applying the principles from the program will give you success and tips you can pass on to others. I am so happy to have met Emily and been a part of Market Me.

Art S.

Today I started my new position, and I would not have gotten there if not for Emily. Emily works tirelessly to counsel, challenge, and assist her clients to create a true strategy. One of the things I loved about working with Emily is that is it not about finding a job, but finding the "why" of what you love to do, and then applying your strategy toward it. I am forever grateful for working with Emily, and I highly recommend contacting her.