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Bridget B.

I can’t thank you enough for your insight, guidance and practical advice. Your step-by-step plan kept me on track and had me focused on the right things at the right time. Your sense of humor and honesty made the process fun and easy. I felt more confident than ever going into the interview process and I’m excited to say that I will be starting my new career in just a few short days! Thank you so much Emily!

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Today I started my new position, and I would not have gotten there if not for Emily. Emily works tirelessly to counsel, challenge, and assist her clients to create a true strategy. One of the things I loved about working with Emily is that is it not about finding a job, but finding the "why" of what you love to do, and then applying your strategy toward it. I am forever grateful for working with Emily, and I highly recommend contacting her.

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Lisa H.

Emily has a talent that goes beyond being a Career Coach. She is dynamic in her personal touch and has a genuine ability to connect with each person. Her passion extends past the basic skills of building a resume or marketing yourself for that next position. Emily is able to connect and share experiences to build a foundation, access, then follow your aspirations to the next level. Truly dedicated and committed, I admire and applaud Emily. 

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Toni P.

Prior to Market Me, I had been applying for over 2.5 years in my immediate surroundings and state to no avail. So with nothing to lose, I purchased Market Me. and followed the suggestions as outlined by Emily. I found Market Me to be extremely helpful in how Ms. Hawkins guides her clients through choosing the right resume for individual skillset and current situation, to explicit steps on setting up a LinkedIn profile, to other helpful tools and resources. I joined in mid-June and 10 days later I received an invitation to interview for a position aligned with my skill set. After two rounds of follow-up interviews, I received and accepted an offer three weeks after cleaning up my information on LinkedIn using the techniques from Market Me. Thanks so much, Emily, I would definitely recommend Market Me to anyone serious about putting in the work and willing to do something new and exciting as a career!

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Tammy L.

Emily's program was so helpful as I navigated the brutal COVID job market. I am a midlife career changer, and her wisdom helped me get my resume and image together and find a perfect new job!

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David R.

I would highly recommend Emily and endorse her “Your Life, Your Coach Program”. Last year as COVID hit I was scheduled to start a new opportunity but due to the constraints of the pandemic the opportunity didn’t materialize. I came across Emily’s program and signed up. It was exactly what I needed and was looking for. It helped me stay focused and gave me the tools and motivation to keep going. Today I am very happy in a new job. I credit her program as a key factor in my success. Thank you, Emily!

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Cari S.

Emily is AMAZING! Don’t hesitate for a minute to sign up for her services. You will determine your strengths, develop your “elevator pitch”, update your LI profile, gain confidence for interviewing,negotiating and so much more! Her weekly group meetings are invaluable. Finally, purchase the resume review/edit. I had two HR professionals review my first draft and Emily edited it to another level. I can’t say enough about Emily and refer everyone (regardless of experience level) to her.

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Jane M.

I found Emily's Market Me Class via LinkedIn when I was laid off from my job. It had be years since I really "needed" to write a resume and really job search. I didn't know where to start, well I thought I knew, creating a killer resume with all the bells and whistles. Um, no. That didn't get me anywhere. It wasn't until I started the Market Me class and went through the entire series that it's more than just words on paper. Emily helps you find your WHY, your purpose, then helps you figure the best way to showcase your career so it not only looks good on paper but gets through the ATS systems. Then to top it all off she has LIVE meetings on Friday's where you can listen in or ask questions about your resume, interviewing or other job hunting questions. You all Emily is as real as it gets. She is up front, honest and will challenge you (in a good way). If you are looking for a job or wanting to figure out your next career move, I HIGHLY recommend signing up for Emily's Market Me class, it's worth all the money and more.

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Jonathan W.

I felt Emily's message resonated with me from start. When I realized she was actually there to help and was present for live interactive webinars, I knew she was genuinely engaged with her clients. She has built an amazingly supportive group, which was such a confidence builder. I have recommended her program to others and will continue to do so.

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Lindsay M.

If you're considering working with Emily for your resume and career coaching needs - you should definitely take the plunge and do it! After several months of being interviewed and being the second choice for positions I was interested in, I knew there was a disconnect on how I marketed myself in interviews. Emily helped me learn how to speak more confidently about my skills and accomplishments through her coaching. She helped me learn how to showcase my skills, experience, and accomplishments in a professional and impactful way. I'm excited to be working in the position and organization I now work in, and am unspeakably grateful to Emily for helping me get here.

Darlene C.jpg

Darlene C.

I highly recommend Emily! She is professional, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. She is sincere and teaches you how to use the tools you need to land that job you have been dreaming of! She presents the information in an organized and systematic manner, which allows you to learn and apply the knowledge to your specific needs. She is an excellent mentor and is always there when you need her! I had a great experience with Emily, and I love my new job!

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Rob L.

By far the best investment I made in helping me get the edge to finding very suitable employment. In addition to Emily's resume creation abilities, her coaching that got me out of my own head and into a great new opportunity! Many Thanks, Emily.

Bethany C.jpg

Bethany C.

Emily's course was so impactful for me. I was able to take it as time allowed but felt it prepared me for all aspects of my job search. In addition, the coursework helped me clear some static in my thought process. I'm a seasoned HR professional and have prided myself on writing good resumes but Emily's guidance supported me in writing a GREAT resume. Emily was accessible and helped me land the job I wanted although I had three offers and had the luxury of choosing the right fit with the highest compensation. I would highly recommend Emily's course as being affordable and impactful!

Scott F.jpg

Scott F.

Emily Hawkins is not only a true professional, she is a great friend. She went above and beyond the call of Resume writing to assist me in my confidence during the interview process. Emily was available for a conversation at every step of the journey to a new job opportunity. I highly recommend Emily Hawkins for personal and professional development within your career.

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Yianni E.

Market me has significantly helped me understand what I need, my value, how to articulate it on paper and how to negotiate for it.

Kam M.jpg

Kam M.

Emily was fabulous to work with! I deeply value her career insights, professionalism, and leadership. When interacting with Emily, I feel like I am gaining direction from a seasoned executive. Emily has a unique ability to clarify situations and break down complexities into actionable steps. Not to mention, Emily took my feedback, skills, and personality insights and crafted all into a killer resume! If you want a genuine, passionate coach to help you find you your voice, I highly recommend Emily!

Rachel C.jpg

Rachel C.

After working with Emily, I was able to confidently interview for jobs and was quickly offered a position. I would highly recommend her services to anyone going through a transitional phase in their career. Her coaching was very effective and she was a dream to work with. Thank you so much for your help, Emily!

Stephanie G.jpg

Stephanie G.

Working with Emily on crafting a standout resume was truly a pleasure from start to finish! Why I chose Emily over other resume experts was her approach on cultivating the career you want. She takes the time to learn about you, your aspirations, and really focuses on helping you not just find another job but one that's more in line with your ultimate goals and realizing you are within reach!

faith r testimonial.jpg

Faith R.

I cannot say enough or recommend as highly as my words can express the experience that I enjoyed and went through with Emily's coaching and career path experience. It was a long journey with COVID and not enough opportunities to explore, but I did obtain my goal with her coaching and development skills. Thank you Emily please continue doing what you do.

Jessica Lynn Gray - testimonial.jpg

Jessica Lynn G.

Emily's course is a must have in your arsenal during your job search. The course gave me the confidence to see the talent that I possess, but most importantly how to get others to see the talent and take decisive action to land the opportunity I was seeking. If you have ever struggled or gotten "stuck", this course will help you. No matter your background, location, or career experience, applying the principles from the program will give you success and tips you can pass on to others. I am so happy to have met Emily and been a part of Market Me.

Alyssa Gallagher - testimonial.jpg

Alyssa G.

I tried Emily’s free webinar back in March! After getting little to no traction, I decided I didn’t have anything to lose by signing up for Market Me. The lessons in this course were so simple, yet effective. Job searching is an emotional roller coaster, but her course made it so much easier to navigate. I highly recommend Emily, her course, and maybe most of all her podcast! Personally, I find her voice very calming during such a stressful task! Thank you, Emily!

Debby Mathes - testimonial.jpg

Debby M.

After experiencing a workforce reduction due to COVID, I signed up for Emily's course. I learned so much about myself, personally and professionally, with each learning module, I attended. Through applying what I learned to redesign my resume and how I presented myself during an interview, I have been offered a new position that will showcase my skills and yet leave room for learning new skills. I highly recommend all that Emily has to offer in her course. Her information and suggestions are valuable and they work.