What You Control in Your Career and How to Act on it Today

Aug 31, 2021
Have you ever hit a wall in your career? This can come in the form of office politics, being overlooked for a promotion, or even seeing a furlough or downsizing on the horizon.
Did you know, you settle up every 2 weeks?
You are actively deciding to stay at that position but you are open to leaving at any time. Your company settles up with you typically every two weeks in the form of a paycheck.
You may have forgotten you’re a free agent with the ability to go anywhere at any time. If you don’t like your current work environment you can look elsewhere.
"But it's not that easy, Emily! I have a family to feed and bills to pay."
So what steps are you going to take this week to start walking out the door? Here are three things you can do right now to move you in the right direction.
  • Spruce up your resume
Time to dust off that resume and add those accomplishments you've worked on since the last time you looked at this document. If you feel undervalued this is a great time to talk about what makes you this way.
  • Connect with more people on LinkedIn
Simply connecting with peers and past colleagues can jog people's memory of working with you. Also, by connecting to others you show them that you value THEM! Most people are flattered when a past work colleague reaches out to connect. This very act landed me a job with a hefty raise at one point in my career. It's so easy it's often overlooked.
  • Start applying
Is that resume in a great place? Then there's no time like the present, apply!
If any of these steps scare you it's time to look at the value you bring and how it resonates with the market. Download my free skill finder guide to more clearly understand the gifts you have to update that resume, gain confidence in those LinkedIn connection invites, and get the courage to apply.

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