What is the Purpose of A Resume?

Oct 05, 2020
Most people write a resume to compile a list of job titles, tasks performed, and years of experience.
But when you craft your resume you have the opportunity to share impact such as how your talents created change, improved the bottom line, and grew people.

Your contribution is what breaths life into the paper.

Yet so many of us miss the significance of our steps. Each time we enter our place of work (or home office) we have the opportunity to leave the company and its people better than we found them. Every role has this opportunity, not just leaders. In fact, doers have an even greater impact because they touch so many people on a daily basis.
Are you avoiding writing your resume because you fear that when pen meets paper you will find that your work-life hasn't impacted anything?
As someone who has written hundreds of resumes for all levels, I can tell you that your work matters and it has influenced your organization.
I challenge you today to dust off your resume and reimagine it by sharing your impact.

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