The Best Advice I Ever Got

Apr 05, 2021
Two and half years ago the editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Jason Feifer, agreed to answer a few questions I had about his popular podcast, Problem Solvers. Little did I know his words would become something that drove me for years and in this dark time known as 2020, I found myself reading back through the interview where I found a hidden gem.
I asked him where great ideas came from and this was Jason's answer.
"Discomfort. I think the most dangerous thing we can do is make ourselves too comfortable. It’s when we stop thinking critically and start focusing on preserving our comfort. But when we’re uncomfortable—when change is happening, when the pressure’s on, when it’s do or die—we’re willing to try crazy things.
And that’s when we come up with the most amazing ideas....the answers are incredibly simple and typically right under the business owner’s nose.
To be honest with you, most of the amazing things in our lives are actually pretty simple. It’s rare to have a truly revelatory moment—like, a shocking, the-sky-turned-green, dogs-are-actually-cats, objects-floating-in-space kind of moment. Instead, genius ideas are often ones that we hear and they simply make sense… and that’s because they’re based on logic we already have. It’s just that we didn’t initially connect the dots. But when we hear how other people do make those connections, it helps us think about the connections in our own lives."
In the midst of so much discomfort, what are you NOT looking at that's right under your nose? How are you using pressure to fuel your passion? And are you studying past problems to create your own solutions?
Think about it for a second. We are all entrepreneurs, creating our own brand, working hard to stand out. And just like a company, we have to reevaluate what's not working and learn to pivot.

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