Stop Playing Small

Jun 02, 2021
You hate where you work. What do you do? 
A) Get up from your desk, yell "I quit" and leave with no plan.
B) Complain to coworkers about how much it sucks to work here.
C) Update your resume and begin applying for jobs one level above your current role.
I'm not trying to trick you, the answer is of course C but I bet you lean on B a lot. I know I used to be a B person.
But if you chose A or B you're playing small because you aren't looking past the current situation to see it for what it is, an opportunity for growth.
I have seen employees play small for years.
  • Working exactly eight hours and leaving right on time each day without surveying the environment.
  • Coming to me, their boss, with inefficiencies without offering any solutions.
And as a career and life coach, I see it as well.
  • Clients believing they are underqualified for anything in the marketplace.
  • Clients were trapped by golden handcuffs, believing they could never make more money.
  • Clients thinking they're too young/old.
You'll notice a theme in playing small behavior. The person playing small is a victim rather than their own hero.
Playing big requires you to think big and take action.
Are you ready to play bigger?

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