How to Trust Your Gut In 3 Simple Steps

Apr 27, 2020
Remember that time you made a bad decision and you knew it was wrong but did it anyway?
When you feel you're at a crossroads; hesitation over signing a contract, marrying the person or taking a leap of another kind, use these simple steps to listen to your gut.
Remember in kindergarten when you learned to stop, drop and roll? Well, friends, you can use it here too.
  • Stop: Don't make any sudden or rash decisions when this feeling comes over you. It's important to honor the emotion and not simply brush it off.
  • Drop: Sit down and think about what could be causing your doubt. Is it work stress or is it really that this decision isn't the right one for you?
  • Roll: Keep turning the thought over in your head. This may take several days and may require that you talk to outside sources, preferably objective parties with no skin in the game to the decision you're trying to make. It's okay to not have a decision right away.
Why this works
By identifying why your hesitation exists you are better able to articulate it to others and more confidently. Why is this important? Remember that time you were pressured into doing something you knew was wrong? That pressure disappears because you have a firm grip on your morals, values, and reasoning.

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