How to stop catastrophizing and start DOING

Apr 26, 2020
Overwhelm in my life is a state of paralysis where my brain focuses on the scarcity or lack and right now I see and hear lack everywhere from the grocery store shelves to the social media posts about opportunities. But it's not TRUE!
So how can we move past this dangerous emotion that makes us do and say ridiculous things?
I have used the following techniques and they all work.
Speak to the opposite emotion
When I find myself overwhelmed, I speak to calm, literally. I have a theory that if I am letting overwhelm in it's because I have ignored my good friend calm so I talk to it.
"Hello calm. How are you today?"
I know this sounds nuts but if you talk to an emotion you aren't feeling, it will interrupt your original feeling.
And you'll probably start laughing. You can't laugh and be overwhelmed.
Gain insight from your past
When have you faced a similar overwhelming moment?
Did you crush it or crash and burn? Either way, what can you take from that time to use currently?
Talk to your future self
Think 10 years into the future. Where will you be? Now, interview this version of yourself.
  • What would this version of you say about your current overwhelm?
  • What wisdom do they have that you need today?
  • I bet the future version of yourself will tell you to relax.
I know this sounds cooky but I'm telling you it works! I pictured this amazingly calm future version of myself and realized whatever I'm facing now is leading me to this calm place.

Now it's time to take action. Without action overwhelm wins. Pick one or all three of these tips but then move forward into doer mode. You've got this!

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