How to Focus Your Team

Apr 30, 2019
Is your team leaving early or working on things that don't make sense to the grander vision?
Maybe your team has lost focus.
This can easily happen when work gets busy and staff meetings constantly fall off the calendar without actually happening.
You can remedy this in the following ways:
Share the why
Why does your company exist? While "to make money" seems like a viable answer, it's not. The real reason your company exists is much more emotional than that. It's founder had a vision and your goal is to know not only know how your department fits into that vision but you must translate all the work you do into that mission.
Work the puzzle for them
I have this theory that we are all jigsaw puzzle pieces and if we look close enough we fit together in a way that makes us better, faster, and stronger. Keeping this in mind I want you to sit each of your employees down separately and explain to them how they uniquely fit the vision of the team; what strengths they bring to the table and ways they can support the department with their talents.
I don't me "you are a special snowflake." I mean "You have a unique way of running numbers that is unparalleled on this team, I want you to present to the team how you work and become the subject matter expert for the team on this topic."
Communicate, communicate, communicate
While everything I've listed is technically communication, this one tip was the most powerful in my professional career.
Each Monday email your goals for the week to your team. I started this with my team as a way to easily reference what each person was tasked with while also sharing my personal plan for my time.
This document should include everything pertinent for the week. I created a template of what I used to send out for easy application into your business.
You go first
If your team has lost focus there's a good chance it's because you have too. Take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself, am truly focused?

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