How to Find More In Your Life

Apr 29, 2021
I'm sick of hearing about uncertainty so let's talk about how to get MORE with exactly what you know right now!
First, let’s talk about how you are worth more and deserve more. I’m giving you permission to want more.
Everyone can have more no matter their gender, ethnicity, economic or domestic situation.
Also, more isn't evil. Greed is wanting more of things that are self-serving. Instead, your "more" should involve health, joy, love, security, purpose, and togetherness.
I know if I receive more of these things I’ll give them away in the form of more teaching, more patience, and being more present to others.
Communicate it
When you decide you want more don’t demand this of others, instead build a plan around what you can do to change and then present it to those gatekeepers of your more.
  • A recruiter or hiring manager: Layout a bullet point list of how you’re worth the extra money you’re asking for.
  • A significant other upset with how much time you’re dedicating to work: Communicate exactly what you do when you’re working. Layout the plan for your future together and how this time is building that plan one hour at a time.
Measure it
If you truly want more of anything you have to be able to measure it.
For as long as I can remember I have kept metrics on all things financial and business growth in a google sheet.
In this document, I play with growth percentages and then what has to be true in order for those increases to truly happen.
To quote Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better.”
Measure where you are, learn from it, do better.
If you're looking for a job measure how many you're applying for and make a point to up that number. It may mean spending more time a week dedicated to the search.
You have permission, now dream big my friend.

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