How to Become the Total Package

Feb 08, 2020

Have you ever marveled at someone that seems to have everything together? They're articulate, quick-witted, and creative. You think to yourself, this person is amazing! I wish I could be like that!

And you can, by embracing 3 simple things:
  • Skills

  • Gifts

  • And Comfort



Skills are something honed over time (if you're a runner you had to learn to walk first).

But you've practiced these so many times you now do them effortlessly. You may not realize they are talents at all because they come so naturally at this point but at some point in your life, you put in the hours to make it a skill.


Gifts are part of who you are naturally. Is it auditory recognition, a photographic memory, retracing steps, recounting events, teaching, listening or maybe speed reading. This is your superpower, now think of how you employ it in your everyday life.


Comfort that this is where you belong and it's okay if others don't agree.

But also comfort in the uncomfortable. If you believe in your abilities then lean into the unknown and see what happens.

You may lose something along the way, your fear of failure. In its place will be a joy.

The secret ingredient

I love a cliffhanger and so I've created one here. I have one more ingredient that isn't mentioned here that you can find on the accompanying podcast to this blog post. Click here to access the podcast and listen to the secret ingredient.


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