How to approach your job search like an entrepreneur

Apr 19, 2021
Looking for a job can feel daunting unless you decide to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurs. Steal some entrepreneurial mojo in your job search by following these approaches.
Get crystal clear on your mission
As soon as entrepreneurs' feet hit the floor they are raring to go because they know what their mission is and how they want to make an impact on the world. This mission keeps them going all day and carries them during hard times.
Do you have a clear vision for the role you want and are you laser-focused on finding that particular role?
Become unreasonably optimistic
Why unreasonable? Because sometimes a new vision of the future is hard for the rest of us to see. Think about Henry Ford’s car in an age of horses or Thomas Edison’s light bulb in an age of candles. Entrepreneurs embrace a future that sometimes only they can see and instead of letting others dissuade them, they use the naysaying as fuel to keep going.
Just because your brother is confused by the kind of role you're looking for doesn't mean you have to give up on your dream position. When you believe in something it will show up for you.
Love feeling uncomfortable
Think about it, if you don’t learn the latest technology at work you can probably skate by for a few years depending on the state of your organization. This isn’t true of entrepreneurs, they must constantly learn, grow, and embrace new technology, processes, and income streams.
Feel behind on your skill sets? Take a LinkedIn Learning class, watch some YouTube how-to videos or invest in a course that cuts your learning curve in half, get on my course waitlist. :-)
Remember, you are in the driver's seat. You decide where you want to go and how you're going to get there.

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