How I Learned to Embrace Networking and Not Think of it as Sleazy

Aug 10, 2020
I used to think networking was slimy like I was using my connections for personal gain.
Until I decided to throw caution to the wind and recently contacted a whole slew of past work colleagues, graduate school friends, and like-minded LinkedIn connections I’d made over the years.
My ask, “I have a new idea I want to bounce off of you.”
I’ve created a new course that I want to take corporate but before I did that I needed to talk with the very people I respected and felt would give me REAL feedback.
Their radical candor was invaluable and incredibly insightful.
But one said they weren’t available because they’d recently lost their job and weren’t in the right mindset for talking.
I immediately jumped into action and spent an hour with this person sharing what I teach my clients. I didn’t ask for anything in return.
Why was I so worried about taking when I have so much to give? This is my network and I want to love them as much as they’ve loved me.

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