Finding Your Flavor of Crap Sandwich

May 18, 2021
Elizabeth Gilbert puts this best when she said in her book Big Magic, “No matter how wonderful and exciting and glamorous it may initially seem—(every job) comes with its own brand of (crap) sandwich, its own lousy side effects.”
When I graduated from college I picked the job that paid the most and knew that was the best decision…..but I was wrong.
Within about 6 months of taking the job, I was bored to literal and figurative tears. The company operated at a snail’s pace and no one was willing to share their knowledge. This was a crap sandwich that I wasn’t willing to eat.
When I moved to a different company a few years later for a tiny raise I thrived in the fast-paced environment where learning was part of the culture and autonomy was the name of the game. Was there a crap sandwich there? You bet! But it was a flavor I was willing to eat.
So how do you define crap you're willing to eat? Only you can answer that question but here are a few guidelines.
  • It doesn't drain you mentally or physically.
  • You understand its importance to the overall workload.
  • Sometimes crap is important to keep a business going. If you understand why it matters you probably won't mind as much doing it.
  • Your self-worth isn't tied up in its outcome.
If you find a task that makes you feel less of a person then you need to move away from it fast! Consistently doing something that tears down your confidence is a recipe for disaster.

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