Finding A Panel of Advisors

May 13, 2019
I have a panel of advisors but none of them know they are on a panel and we never formally meet.
This panel of people represent my morals, values, and work ethic but they are also not afraid to challenge my ideas. Some of these people I call, others I email, while others only exist on social media or podcasts but they each make me think deeper about an idea or problem before acting.
The Panel  
Someone in your lane 
This is someone that is where you are in your career but in a different industry. They are in your lane because they are growing at the rate you are but when you work with someone outside your industry this gives you a chance to see the forest rather than the trees. ​
Someone ahead of you 
This person should be a few paces ahead of you but not 100 miles ahead. They force you to keep up and keep moving forward in your pursuits.
Someone a decade or more ahead 
This person has the most amazing hindsight and typically helps me see that patience will pay off.
Someone younger 
Younger people tend to have a growth mindset which helps them see more possibilities. Younger people also have a better grasp of new technology trends. They may not be superusers but they have greater awareness of what's hitting the market.
How to use them 
Follow them on social media.
This is the easiest way to gain daily insight and inspiration.
Email them. 
If you plan to email any of these people make sure to have a very direct email about the advice you are seeking and how much you honor them for their path thus far.
Pretend to be them. 
Pretend for a few minutes you are these people. What would they do in your situation? You may realize by thinking with someone else's viewpoint the issue your facing isn't so bad after all and a solution was right at your fingertips all along.

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