Do you know your version of creativity and its power?

May 03, 2021
The dictionary defines creativity as “relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.”
After spending the good part of 2 decades creating spreadsheets I can attest to this being an artistic work.
Do you make data tell a story?
Do you take a process and improve it?
That’s creative!
Let's go a little farther down this rabbit hole.
  • The sales team lands a deal.
  • The product team articulates the client's needs.
  • Project management creates a plan.
  • IT builds technology.
  • The supply chain builds the sustainable pipeline of goods or services.
  • The marketing group creates compelling imagery and copy to explain all of this.
  • The legal team makes sure laws aren’t broken.
  • Accounting and Finance account for taxes, liabilities, and revenue.
  • Account management/customer success management continues the above cycle to sustain client satisfaction.
Each of these is a creative gift that without them a company can’t fully function.
Creativity is nowhere unless it’s everywhere.
Not a single person on Earth is exactly the same (trust me, my best friends are identical twins).
I believe this means that each of us is a unique piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle and when we share our gifts with others we all become better for it. Own your jagged edges, they fit with someone else's.

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