4 Ways You're Already the Hero You Need

May 17, 2020
Right now feels kind of dark. We're in the Guinness book of world records for pregnant pauses and with this pause comes uncertainty. And with uncertainty comes fear.
But what if instead of becoming fearful we embrace our own superpowers and save ourselves?
I believe you have 4 gifts that you've forgotten about. These gifts weren't taught to you in school or given to you like a medal. These are deeply rooted in you and have honed themselves over time.
That public speaking event that you nailed but were terrified beforehand.
That moment you stood up for what you believed in not knowing that many would stand behind you.
Feeling the fear but doing it anyway. That’s courage. Is there something you're scared to do right now? Do it anyway (PSA: if it involves others keep your distance, wear a mask and wash your hands)
Did you know that anger is a form of misplaced passion? I know this because I googled it after an angry outburst many years ago. As silly as it sounds reading that changed so much for me.
I was passionate about my work and being a part of something bigger. I was angry that others didn’t have this same level of excitement. But how could they when I’d never properly shown them WHY they should be passionate.
Instead of getting angry, become passionate about showing others why you care so deeply.
Selflessness is defined as a concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own. What’s a healthy level of this? When you think about how an outcome affects everyone involved.
It may seem selfless to do others' work but then you rob them of the learning opportunity. It may seem selfish to not check work emails and instead go to sleep but without a clear head, your thinking will wreak havoc on your organization, causing countless hours of others’ time.
Be selfless, let others learn, and get some sleep, take a bath, walk away from the computer.
Why is patience so important? Because some of the best things in life happen over time.
Think about training for a marathon or going to college. These things require you to show up each day and put in the work. Everyone knows a marathon takes months of training and college takes at least 4 years of time.
Yet when we look at our careers we want things NOW! Patience comes in busying yourself with the doing that makes the goals happen. Embrace a purpose and this waiting out the pandemic mess will go faster (even if you're running a business and homeschooling your child....yes, that's me)
You have everything you need to save yourself right now. You've got this!

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