3 Ways To Get Noticed at Work (without being an A*hole)

Jun 17, 2019
Don't Be an Attention Whore
This is not how you get noticed. Instead, see the needs of the organization and then meet them. You want to be viewed as someone who helps, not someone who is looking for attention.
The best way to learn is by doing the things no one wants to do.
I took over reporting at one point in my career because I truly didn’t know where the data was located or how to read it. Within weeks of taking on this responsibility I had a much deeper understanding of the company as a whole. When an entire department was created for reporting I held each member on that team in high regard. Their abilities far surpassed my own but at the same time I was able to ask for more robust reporting and acknowledge the amount of time some of the builds would take. Now running my own business (and running my own numbers) I’m able to utilize all of these skills. Thank god I took on the task that no one else wanted.
It’s okay to not know the answer. 
The difference between the people who get noticed and the ones who don’t is what they do after they realize they don’t know something. Get noticed people: Read books, research the internet, watch YouTube videos and even talk to more seasoned people in that area. Invisible people: lament over what they don’t know and complain about their lack of support to gain that knowledge from their boss or even their parents. (bottom line, they do nothing) Take it upon yourself to learn. You’ll get noticed and you’ll feel empowered.

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