2 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Find The Right Job Fit

Dec 09, 2019

One of my coworkers set me up with my husband. True story.

At first, I thought this was a terrible idea. What if I hated the guy, and ruined my friendship with my coworker?

It's been 12 years since that conversation. 2 kids, and nine years of marriage later, I can say beyond a shadow of a dought that my friend knew what I needed.
So, I'm assuming you aren't looking for a spouse but instead a new job, or at least you're dipping your toe into the job market water, but you aren't exactly sure what the best fit for you would be.
Why not ask your friends and coworkers!
(coworker defined as your work friends, not the strange guy standing next to the coffeemaker every day that you have zero in common with)
Send a note of thanks

I love receiving thank-you notes. They brighten my day and make me feel valued.

Go through your phone or social media contacts and find a friend to write a note asking for career advice but also tell them why you value their opinion and thank them for their contribution to your life.
You can email them, send them a private social media message, or mail them a letter. It doesn't matter how you communicate your need for their guidance, and thanks, but taking the time to make someone feel genuinely valued matters significantly.

Create A Gathering

Open up your calendar and schedule a simple get together. Invite your friends to a career brainstorming session of sorts. Make this reasonably intimate, no more than four people at a time. Ask them about where they see you shine, what they value most about you. You'd be shocked how many things people love about you that you've never noticed.

Remember, everyone wants to help and people love when their opinion is valued. You never know what may happen when employing these techniques. Maybe you will meet your next spouse after all. ;-)

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