Hi, I'm Emily Hawkins

I empower the unemployed, unfulfilled, and unrecognized to find what they love in their life and put it in their work. My online courses and individual career coaching will help you identify the barriers that are preventing you from knowing and achieving your purpose.

​When I started Your Life, Your Coach, it was built on a moment in 2014 when I sat alone in my car, crying because I felt trapped in a job I no longer loved. I was 6 months pregnant and functionally demoted. No one would want to hire me!

My goal is for no one to EVER feel alone like I did that day. 

I will guide you to get that job, meet your goal, find your passion, and change your life through interview and resume tips, keeping you up-to-date with the hiring process and coaching you through the job searching process.

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We identify what you're missing to create clarity around your unique gifts to capture more attention in today's market. Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the "right time" to start your job search, or struggling to get noticed in the sea of applicants....this year can be your breakthrough year.

With over 15 years in corporate America working with budgets, processes, and people I can help you streamline your time, team, and career aspirations to land a new role, a promotion, or a completely new venture. Armed with a Georgia Tech MBA and a Robbins-Madanes (yes, Tony Robbins!) life coaching certification, I have been uncovering the potential in people for years.

As a career coach and corporate leader, I’ve seen the most common mistakes people make over and over - many I learned through my own failures. I ended that vicious cycle when I took charge of my life. You’re next! It's time to get hired!


Meet The Team

When I set out to build a team, my clients’ words echoed in my mind. I knew with the right people, processes, communication, and encouragement, anything was possible. Detail-oriented, deadline-driven, and on fire to help our clients find what they love in their life and put it in their work, meet the amazing Your Life, Your Coach team.

Nicole Hale

Director Of Customer Support

Nicole cares deeply about our clients and processes. She has streamlined how we onboard you, how we interact with you prior to joining the program, and how we support your technical needs.  Nicole is a true job search ally. 

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Erin Lariscy

Director of Data Analytics

Do you have someone that sees your business from a numbers perspective? Erin has increased our efficiencies so that we can serve more clients. She forecasts the next right step to better serve you, our customer.

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