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"4 Simple Steps to Job Search Success"

In This 60-Minute Training You'll Learn:

  1. The 4 mistakes that EVERYBODY makes in their job search and WHY those mistakes are costing you precious time and money.
  2. The secrets to increasing your LinkedIn visibility, and having recruiters reach out to YOU even in today’s economy.
  3. How to get the tools and confidence kick-in-the-rear you need to find the job you love.

PLUS an exclusive offer that will help you land more interviews and better offers in your industry FAST!

The Way We Get Hired is Changing In A Big Way


Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the "right time" to start your job search, or struggling to get noticed in the sea of applicants....2020 can be the big breakthrough year you've been waiting for.

So much is changing due to COVID-19 and the looming recession we all knew was coming. But there's plenty of room at the top for job seekers who are prepared to take advantage of these shifts.

Get fully updated on what it takes to land more interviews and better offers by creating a successful search strategy in 2020 and beyond.

This Webinar is a Must Attend if....

☑️ You're ready for the next level

☑️ You've been laid off or furloughed

☑️ You've ever wanted to successfully showcase your skills

☑️ You're struggling with your current boss or work culture

☑️ You just want to make sure you’re “doing it right”

Your Coach, Emily Hawkins

Taking what I've learned over nearly 2 decades in the hiring arena, I've created an easy to follow process to take the overwhelm out of your job search.

I've found the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful jobseeker - so that YOU can land more interviews and get better offers.

If you're committed to making 2020 the year you finally find that new role and make a deeper impact, then I can't wait to help get you there faster.

What People Are Saying


I had been with my company for 18 years when I was unfortunately, released from my post due to Covid19. I had not updated my LinkedIn profile OR my resume in 18 years other than to add a new title and some skills. With Emily's help I was able to update both which got me a lot of attention. I followed her advice and tips and with her guidance I just accepted a GREAT offer from another company making more money than in my last role - in a PANDEMIC! Without Emily's guidance and her continued support and cheerleading I could not have done this. Thank you Emily you are an angel on earth!


Prior to Emily's training, I had been applying for over 2.5 years to no avail.  I joined in mid June and 10 days later I received an invitation to interview for a position aligned with my skill set. After two rounds of follow-up interviews, I received and accepted an offer three weeks after cleaning up my information on LinkedIn using the techniques Emily taught. Thanks so much Emily, I would definitely recommend Market Me to anyone serious about putting in the work and willing to do something new and exciting as a career!


As a result trusting and believing in Emily and her Market Me course I have had multiple phone, interviews, virtual interviews, and after a 4 hour virtual interview received a written job offer for what I wanted, the compensation I wanted and an unexpected sign-on bonus. I strongly recommend that you give Emily Hawkins the opportunity to help you flourish in today's uncertain job market by making you become the best of yourself.


Emily has been an amazing resource in a time that's been challenging professionally and personally.  After being laid off from my position with a company that I had been with for 10 years, I found myself adrift.   Emily's approach to helping her clients is structured, yet still uniquely personal.Emily has been an amazing resource in a time that's been challenging professionally and personally. 


Emily focuses on helping you not just find another job but one that's more in line with your ultimate goals and realizing you are within reach!


I highly recommend Emily! She is professional, knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. She is sincere and teaches you how to use the tools you need to land that perfectly satisfying, well paying job that you have been dreaming of and deserve! She presents the information in an organized and systematic manner, which allows you to learn and apply the knowledge to your specific needs. She is an excellent mentor and is always there when you need her! I had a great experience with Emily, and I love my new job!