• Emily Hawkins

Why the Misfit Life is the Best Life

Why do we love "Divergent", Harry Potter, Batman, "The Little Mermaid" and "The Hunger Games?" We aren't just enthralled with made-up characters we also have a fascination with real people like Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, P. T. Barnum, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sylvester Stallone and Black Sabbath.

But why?

They saw something, believed in it, took action to breathe life into it and didn't stop until others saw their vision. We view these misfits as heroes.

Hero has several definitions but the one that these characters and legends have in common is a person who is admired for courage.

Um, how does this relate to fitting in vs belonging? Courage is the difference between fitting in and belonging. Having the courage to go against the crowd to create a place/thing/movement where others belong, that's a hero.

So what's stopping you from becoming a hero?

Do you want a different job but you’re afraid to leave the comfort of the one you hate?

Do it anyway.

Do you want to write a book but you’re worried no one will read it?

Do it anyway.

Do you have an idea for a work project but you’re afraid it will get rejected it?

Do it anyway.

For it’s in these moments we become who we are supposed to become. Staying timid only robs the world of a hero. YOU!

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