• Emily Hawkins

When You Only Have 10 Minutes

Have you ever set a timer for 10 minutes? It’s a lot longer than you’d think. Here’s a quick list of things you could do in a 10 minute span.

  • Check your email

I didn’t say reply. Scan all of your emails and then decide which is the most urgent to reply to first. You may even find someone has already replied and the issue is closed.

  • Have a one on one with a team member

Tell someone in the morning you would like to have a lightning round with them later in the day. A timer will be set and they can ask any business only questions, present new ideas or even ask for a raise. All that matters is that it's business related and it's within the 10 minute window. You'd be amazed at how creative people can get in this period of time.

There will never be enough time so stop dwelling on what you don’t have a focus on what you do have.

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