• Emily Hawkins

The Overnight Success Myth

I don't believe in overnight successes. If you look at anyone referred to as this you will find 7 to 10 years of hard work behind them. Instead of dwelling in this mythical land of instant success lets talk about what gets anyone to success.

  1. Consistency - Are you showing up every single day for your dream or are you only working on it when the mood strikes? If you show up every day for your passion it will begin showing you success.

  2. Determination - You are determined to breathe life into this idea/dream/new career and roadblocks aren't viewed as stopping points, they're detours.

  3. Turning other people off - You stop caring if your neighbor Sally will judge your social media post, new venture, or job title. You follow your path without apology.

If you master these 3 each day you win and I have no doubt you'll be a success. Maybe not tomorrow, but a few tomorrows from now.

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