• Emily Hawkins

How Owning Up to Failing Opened My Eyes

I remember in my early 20s being a part of a discussion that felt more like a witch hunt. Someone had screwed up the inventory and the person needed to be identified ASAP.

It was me. I screwed up the inventory but I had youth and naivety on my side so I sat right up in my chair and said “guys it was me, I know exactly what I did” and then proceeded to explain the ins and outs of what happened. No sooner had I fessed up then I began sharing a plan of how to fix it.

In my mind the fault wasn’t the issue it was the solution that was more important.

Why was I naive? No one in this meeting expected the guilty party to 1) fess up and 2) already have a solution in mind. I was screwing up the office politics along with the inventory.

I learned an important lesson that day and have carried it ever since. Be quick to admit fault and even quicker with your solution to fix the fault. Blaming people, systems and even weather doesn’t solve anything.

If you aren’t to blame simply start solutioning out the issue to move everyone away from unproductive witch hunts.

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