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How to Simplify Your Job Search for Better Results

Simplify your job search with 3 essential pieces.

  • Organize yourself

  • Have the right plan in place

  • Arm yourself with the right tools

Organize yourself

Organization matters because it takes thinking out of the game and allows you to go on autopilot. If you always put your resume file in the same place, you don't have to waste time or energy looking for it when you're ready to apply for a role. I know it sounds so simple, but it is THAT simple!

Have the right plan in place

Give yourself a specific job you'd like to aim for and a deadline for when you'd like to land that role (not company-specific). Be realistic as it can take anywhere from 60 to 180 days to find, interview for, and start a new job.

Arm yourself with the right tools

I'm hosting a live webinar to help you land more interviews and better offers. I will highlight the four tools you need to eliminate overwhelm, empower you to find the perfect role for your talents, and get paid what you're worth. Click here to register for this live event.

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