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Creativity and Family

I learned all there is to know about creative problem solving from my children.

I read 12 different parenting books while pregnant with my oldest. I can tell you that none of those books prepared me for 90% of what I have encountered in my 7 year parenting journey.

What did prepare me was my ability to think on my feet, know what my kids needed and simply creatively solving the problem at hand.

I think I now understand why we are children first. We need a boatload of creativity to become good parents.

But when it comes to my family and creativity, I was stumped.

I was searching for a derivative of “creative” that would describe my family and after reading words such as:

  • “Gifted” (not this bunch)

  • “Ingenious” (um, what? no)

  • “Innovative” (none of us created the light bulb or the internet)

I found the word!


Creativity and my family


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