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Patience and Parenting

I’m pretty sure God gave me my son because he has an amazing sense of humor. I’m almost certain when Mitch was born God said “this’ll be good.”

Pre-Mitch: I thought I was an awesome parent.

Post-Mitch: This small man tries my patience on a daily basis with his loud shouts, nonstop chatter, epic tantrums and body slams that he thinks are hugs.

I take many deep breaths and have had to remove myself from situations so as not to say or do something I would regret.

But there’s no one that loves as hard as Mitch and if I didn’t work on my patience I would have squelched these sweet moments.

I’m still a work in progress and this almost 4 year old has a lot of growing up to do so, Jesus pass the wine.

No seriously, parenting is a marathon.

I’ve never run a marathon but I have so many clients and friends that have and the comparisons are endless.

  • You have to show up daily.

  • You’re going to cry and be so ridiculously tired.

  • You eat a lot (stress eating is a parenting sport).

  • You’re going to want to quit.

But if you’re a marathoner you stick with it and get the chance to feel a sense of joy and purpose that few attain.

To fellow parents,

If it’s hard it means you’re doing it right. Remember why you started this journey (now go stress eat in the pantry, you need your energy).


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