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Gather Your Pile of Nuggets


When I started managing people I was shocked to learn that every single one of them sucked. Only I could do any job right.

So, I decided to research how to change people. I found several books on the subject. Each book felt like THE ANSWER to my problem. None of them were and all of them were.

None of them were THE ANSWER, instead each had a nugget of wisdom that I carried with me and helped me understand myself and my team better.

All of them were THE ANSWER because pretty much every book had a similar conclusion. I was in charge of my decisions and my attitude, once I was willing to change these things everything would change because I would change. I control me and no one or thing else.

I make it a point to read at least 26 books a year (roughly a book every 2 weeks) to remind myself of this power and to gain yet another nugget to add to my pile of resources.

What are you reading? Is it adding to your resourcefulness?


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