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A Simple Way to Review Yourself

A simple way to review yourself

Let your employees do it

I might be in the minority here but I used to love writing my employee reviews. It was such a fun time to brag about my team’s efforts and how they contributed to the overall goal that we as a team accomplished.And, I used to take pieces and parts of these reviews and include them in my own. By talking about my team instead of me directly it felt a lot less braggy and a lot more factual.Try it and see how much better your own personal review reads.

Review yourself more often

I used to love to travel. It got me out of the office and into the beautiful space known as the airport. I don’t know what it was about a bustling airport that got my creative and reflective juices going but I had some of my greatest ideas while in them.

The next time you’re traveling I want you to capture your good and bad habits and strategically lay out how to course correct or keep the mojo going. Simply follow this link to download your free worksheet that will guide you through this process.

Do a postmortem

If review time has been stressful for you how could you change this practice next year?

Prepare sooner: Go ahead and put a reminder in your calendar a full month ahead of review time to start preparing.

Content creation: Give yourself a weekly task of collecting data on your accomplishments and those of your team.

All that matters is you make a plan instead of suffering year over year.


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