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The More I Was Missing

The more I was missing

When I left corporate America to open my life coaching practice it slightly terrified me what I was about to give up.

  • Work travel

  • Feeling important

  • A fancy title

  • The money (omg the money, was I crazy?)

  • Extras for the family

  • Extras for me! (goodbye Target trips, Amazon boxes and delivery subscriptions)

Queue Panic Attack

As I breathed heavy into a paper bag I decided to flip the script and instead focus on what I would gain.

Freedom from boss expectations

My ability to work on what I wanted to for as long as I wanted to

No one was going to tell me NO

More time with my family

Deeper connection with my purpose

Less I’m sorries and more I’m happys.

The money followed too but it stopped driving my every move. I now use it to enhance the more list I created when I started.

If you're scared to give up something instead focus on the things you'll gain. The gains far outweigh the losses.


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