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2 Steps to More Time and Money

How to get your time back

Are you creating white space for the things in your life that truly matter to you?

(Hell no, I don’t have any white space)

Everyone has white space it’s just what you’re filling it with. I would argue you are filling it with noise.

Noise: The crap you do daily that doesn’t get you anywhere. (binge watching Netflix, checking your phone 1,000,000 times, letting other people’s fire drills take priority over your own goals)

Today I want you to evaluate how much TV you watch, how many times you check your phone and, most importantly, how often you let other people’s priorities dictate your day.

Add up this time and make a conscious choice to remove the things that aren't serving you and replace them with goal reaching actions.

Enjoy your new found white space.

Want more money? How conscious are you of where your current paycheck goes?

Rachel Cruze says that most of us are walking around spending with reckless abandon and not really even sure how much we make after taxes.

This blew my mind when I heard it because I track EVERYTHING money related. This may also be why I was able to max out my 401K employee contributions at 27 and why I’ve been able to run a business debt free.

So my wish for you is to start tracking your money comings and goings right now! If it scares you due to math being involved please know it’s a simple addition and subtraction.

If you'd like help with this book a dream session with me to discuss both time and money. Let's find your money and whitespace together.


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