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Significance Over Security

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I used to work for a cell phone insurance company and I built statistical models to predict when someone would make a claim and then buy inventory with this predictive knowledge.

This job was fun because I’m a math person but the longer I stayed the more I felt my true purpose slipping away.

Was I really going to be remembered as the girl that was able to keep the largest cost center in the company within budget? That was my impact on the world? Really?!?!

If this is your passion and purpose then GO YOU! We all have a dream that deserves fulfilling but this wasn’t fulfilling mine.

Leaving the security of that steady 6 figure paycheck with annual bonus, health and dental benefits was HARD. I stayed 3 years longer than I should have because of this suffocating security blanket. That’s right, my security was stifling me.

I took my last paycheck in April of 2017 and my life started. Since then I’ve had the privilege of speaking with hundreds of college students, working moms, CEOs, managers, leaders and new graduates.

I don’t have dental insurance, my income is built on how hard I work and there’s no annual bonus. But when I wake up each morning I see texts, social media messages and emails all with the words thank you in them.

“Thank you for helping me land this job”

“Thank you for believing in me”

“Thank you for seeing the person I forgot I was”

I traded my security so that others could see their significance and my only regret is not doing it sooner.


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