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Embrace These 3 Entrepreneur Traits

Want to steal some mojo from entrepreneurs?

There are 3 particular traits that all of the successful ones embrace.

Clarity of mission

As soon as their feet hit the floor they are raring to go because they know what their mission is and how they want to make an impact on the world. This mission keeps them going all day and carries them during hard times.

Unreasonable optimism

Why unreasonable? Because their mission is sometimes hard for the rest of us to see. Think about Henry Ford’s car in an age of horses or Thomas Edison’s light bulb in an age of candles. Entrepreneurs embrace a future that sometimes only they can see and instead of letting others dissuade them, they use the naysaying as fuel to keep going.

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable

In fact, they thrive on trying and learning new things.

Think about it, if you don’t learn the latest technology at work you can probably skate by a few years (or decade) depending on the state of your organization. This isn’t true of entrepreneurs, they must constantly learn, grow and embrace new technology, processes and income streams.

If you embraced this one trait I may go out of business and that would be AMAZING! I work with so many that let their skills wain because there was no urgency in their company. 10 years have now passed and the things they DON’T know are holding them back from a new opportunity.

Get comfortable with uncomfortable and you will not be one of these people.


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