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3 Ways to Find Focused Success

Find focused success

It’s easy to get caught up in your lack of success, title, money or significance. You can almost hear the whooshing of the drain as it sucks you into the abyss.

What is this abyss? The abyss of inactivity. You become paralyzed by this scarcity mentality. You may even have an anxiety attack because you’re so overwhelmed with how far you have to go.


Here are 3 tips to get you out of the comparison abyss and into action mode.

Do 1 thing

What is one small, 5 minute task that can get you ahead? 1! Not 10, 1!

Do that task and only that task. You’ve just taken control of your future.

Use the unfollow button

I love being a career and life coach but I’ll be honest, I don’t follow anyone else’s career in this industry.

This has nothing to do with me being full of myself, quite the contrary.

Competition paralyzes me. I can’t move or do anything when I see the huge success of others in my lane.

Then two other things happen. I begin doubting my path and (lord help me) I start emulating others.

Because I know this about myself I purposely don't follow anyone that makes me feel this way.

This helps me create my version of success in my voice.

Gamify it

I’m a numbers person and when I started my own business I realized I had to come up with some way to measure my success, since, let’s be real, there was no money coming in day one.

So I started keeping track of everything I did. Social media posts, invites, proposals, hours I worked, literally everything in my control.

After a few months I began to see a pattern in the data. I then took those controllable data points and created a game for myself. Each month I challenge myself to beat my best month by upping the ante in each of the controllable areas.

The point is I focus on MY best and I beat it!

What are you doing daily that’s in your control? Is it moving the needle in your success? Identify that success contributor and then gamify it.


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