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Teaching My Child Motivation


My daughter is dyslexic. It’s nothing I would wish on my own worst enemy. It involves working 10X harder than anyone in her class. Tears, exhaustion and pain are the faces I see daily.

One particularly hard day she said to me “why do we always have to do words, every single day words. I hate this.”

I swear to you something else grabbed me in that moment, it wasn’t me that came up with this. I calmly said “I hate cooking. I hate laundry. I hate making beds. I hate grocery shopping. I hate cleaning up (these were the things I knew she would understand) but I have to do them otherwise we don’t eat, we don’t have clean clothes and we would live in a dirty house. I have to do these things, they are my chores.”

She understood immediately and said “and reading is my chore, I have to do it.”

My daughter still struggles with reading but she understands it has to happen daily.

I share this story because whatever your passion project is you must treat it like a chore. Something you have to do daily before fun. Otherwise that passion becomes a wish and never a reality.

If we wait for inspiration to strike we will never start.


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