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Email Communication (the good, the bad and how to change yours)

Email communication


Please send me the On-Time Shipping Report with your findings ASAP.

That's literally what I used to send people! Doesn't that sound like I'm angry? I never stopped to think about the tone I was throwing out in the world.

I stopped those sort of emails when I realized how much hurt I was causing and how little information I was sharing. Instead I would now send something like this:

Hey Sally,

How was your weekend? Did the girls trip go as planned? I bet you had a blast.

I had a crazy idea this morning for a project to reinvent our on-time shipping methodology and wanted to bring you in on it as you're an expert. Could you stop by my desk so I can pick your brain on this topic? We could create some magic here!

Care first then ask.

Since this change I have written emails twice.

The first draft is a stream of consciousness of whatever I’m needing, asking, sharing.

The second draft is written only after I look at the mess on the screen and decide if it’s a cohesive piece of communication. I do this by asking myself a few basic questions.

-Did I repeat myself? No one likes a rambling email.

-Did I succinctly share my needs while also sharing the urgency in a respectful way?

-Did I add value to this person by sharing information?


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