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The Happiness Project

Find your happy

Each week I like to end the week giving you something to use to bring home the theme I've written about that past 7 days.

You'll notice these posts are sometimes videos from me but more often books and resources from others. My intent is to be your gateway drug into a world of self assessment and growth. If I am to be this I must share with you more stepping stones in your journey.

In this post I want to share one of my favorite books that was the first self-help work I ever read and didn't even know it. Click the picture below for an Amazon link.

The Happiness Project

I sincerely thought I was reading a funny book about someone's pet project to become happier. That is what this book is about after all. But once I began reading it I couldn't help but examine my own habits and tendencies. I realized I was in control of so much of my happiness it was scary (in a good way).

So what is this book about? In case you don't want to read it based on my incredibly vague description here is a short video from the author herself. This may make you grab your keys to head to the book store or library.

If you're still not convinced to buy the book try the podcast on for size. It's witty and insightful (and also involves her sister). Click the picture below to access it.

Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin

Why am I sharing this? I want you to know you can create your own happiness project and reinvent your version of positivity.

Tomorrow's page in your book of life is blank, why not fill it with something happy.


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