Life Lived Only In A Comfort Zone

Life lived in a comfort zone

I started thinking about what comfort zone challenging moments changed my life. What would I have missed?

  • Making friends

  • My friends are a form of oxygen. Without putting myself out there I would have been denied this air I breathe daily. I'm so glad I said hi.

  • Getting on the school bus

  • I overheard my 6 year old telling her 3 year old brother, "riding the school bus is kind of scary but really fun." I never realized how much independence she feels getting on that bus each day now that she broadened her comfort zone.

  • Starting a new school year

  • As a kid I used to hate school starting because I had to learn a new normal every year. As an adult I realize this prepared me for a career, marriage and children beautifully. Nothing stays the same, learn to roll with it.

  • Dating

  • I've had some cringe worthy moments on dates but they now make for hilarious stories. I also ended up with a great husband that endured many of these to then decide to marry me.

  • Sleep away camp/first trip away from your parents

  • When I was 15 I flew out of the country on a month long trip to the UK sans parents. It was scary but became a turning point in my life that forever changed how I looked at the world and myself.

  • Moving away to college

  • I remember when my parents left the building and I was sitting in my cinderblock dorm room all by myself. I was intimidated but that college experience shaped put me on the path to break through so many other comfort zones. Without it I'm sure I'd still be playing small.

  • Interviewing for a job

  • Getting called back to sit in front of one or many people was always a nerve-wracking experience but with each interview I knew more and more of what to expect and how many gifts I truly possessed. I now see interviews as a chance to share my gifts.

  • Getting married

  • I've been married twice and every fiber of my being after marriage number one told me to NEVER fall for marriage again. Except meeting my person changed that in such a significant way that I couldn't image life any other way. While uncomfortable I knew it was right. (we're going 8 years strong)

  • Buying a house

  • Did we buy at the peak of the market? Should we continue the warranty? How much work with this house be? But at the end of the day you get to say "this is mine!"

  • Having children

  • The worry, the sleepless nights, the sacrifices on your time, energy and money. But oh the joys of feeling that little hug, hearing "thanks mom" and "my mom taught me that," make me realize raising children is a selfish/selfless act that challenges my comfort zone daily also has dropped two more people into it.

  • Owning my career progression

  • One word sums up this comfort zone challenge, resourcefulness. Scary because it was all on me but exhilarating because it was all on me. I learned that I can find a website, class or youtube video that can teach me anything I don't know.

Thomas Jefferson's words still hold true. "With great risk comes great reward."

What risks are you avoiding or should I instead ask what rewards are you denying yourself?


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