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Creating a Team of Strengths

Strengths help you mitigate your weaknesses

We all want to be renaissance men and women but there's simply not enough time to learn, at a deep level, every single skill needed to operate a business or team. Since we are focusing heavily this week on strengths I want you to also recognize the strengths in others to build a team of key players that own their craft. Think of this as building your own Avengers or Justice League.

I'm going to give you a step by step guide to build your team to lean on your team's strengths while rocking your own.

What do you hate?

What do you hate doing?

Let's face it, we all have tasks we don't want to do but must be completed in order for things to run smoothly. Your first step down this team building path is to write down everything you don't enjoy doing that is on your plate now or comes up over the course of the year.

Fill your blind spots

When you look at that list of misfit tasks is it that you don't like doing the tasks or that you aren't good at the tasks? (maybe a bit of both)

Can you think of people in your organization that would rise to the challenge of taking over these duties? If no one exists can you list the attributes of someone who would revel in these responsibilities?

You now have a better sense of the skillsets needed for a role and you've also evaluated the talent you have amongst your team.

Create ownership in everyone

When shifting work responsibilities it's important to also create an ownership mentality. Simply doling out tasks without any level of respect for the work or the employee won't strengthen anything.

Instead work with each employee individually to talk about their strengths and how the task is suited for their skillset. By utilizing their talents they will take the small task and create a much grander body of work. The task wasn't given to them as busy work but to create a robust output that you simply can't achieve without them.

Promote their work

Once the tasks are underway you will begin seeing beautiful pieces of work that will blow your mind! I know this from firsthand experience of redistributing job duties on my own work team and seeing more thoroughly analyzed, better thought thru and quite frankly more aesthetically pleasing work.

When you see this please BRAG! If you're presenting the findings your team built make sure to name everyone involved in the data rich discovery. Is someone better at slide decks than you? Share that in your next presentation. Not only will your team appreciate the kudos but you will gain a reputation for growing talent.

Don’t get intimidated

It's easy to get a little intimidated when you see a task you created become a work of art in someone else's hands. Do not let this be the case. Instead realize how gifted that person is and how you are equally as gifted when you live in your strengths.

By clearing your plate of strength limited tasks you actually free up your time to sharpen your gifts further.

Know that you were made for more than the tasks you hate doing. You'll grow a stronger organization in the process.


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