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Change Up Your Snacking

If the thought of changing your entire diet overwhelms you, why not start with just your snacks. 

This is a list of my favorite simple snacks.

Hummus and Veggies

Hummus and Vegetables

 Do you like fat? Me too. This is a dose of good fat that will keep you full and when you pair it with carrots, peppers or broccoli you also get a daily dose of vegetables too. 

Apple and Nut Butter

 Who wouldn't love this combo! I'm really lazy and buy the prepackaged almond butter that looks like this. If you travel it's something easy you can stash in your purse or bag and eat on the go. When my kids are at the park on the weekends they love it too. 

Black bean dip

Black bean dip

 This dip is absolutely amazing and even a junk food lover would eat it. Looking for a recipe? Click on the picture and you'll be taken to the site that makes the best around!

Avocado and Balsamic Vinegar

avocado and balsamic vinegar

 This sounds weird right? It's really delicious. The vinegar and fat mixed together create the creamiest taste that feels decadent. And since you're eating fat it's also filling. 

And yes all of my snacks involve fat because when you're in between meals you need something satisfying. Nothing is more satisfying than good fat. 


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