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Prioritize You

Prioritize You

As the leader of a team you must constantly put the needs of the team first. One on one sessions, teaching, growing employees. But what about you? Who supports the leader?

Earlier this week I talked about the importance of solitude in your career. This is an critical step in your clarity but if you aren't taking that list and bouncing it off an objective advisor you could still be heading down the wrong path.

Think about a critical decision or even a mistake you've made recently. Who did you run that past?

Your Boss?

Are they truly the right person as they may be too close to the situation. They are also deep in other issues that limit their time and attention.

Your Team?

This is a great idea from a teaching perspective but your team may have limited decision making abilities, starving you of rich debate and your own learning.

Your Significant Other?

Your spouse or partner is a great support system but when it comes to work decisions they have a bias to side with you and your opinions. (Many a bold spouse has gone to bed alone after choosing the opposing side. It's a dangerous discussion)

Challenging Your Comfort Zone

One more question for you. Do you keep encountering the same roadblocks on your team and in your career? Are you pushing out of your comfort zone to have hard conversations, do the hard work?

You need someone who:

  • Has business experience

  • Possesses an objective point of view

  • Asks thought provoking questions

  • Will push the limits of your comfort zone

  • Helps you right your own course

  • You trust

I'm here

In our 1 hour sessions:

You will get to be the priority asking anything you'd like, talking about what is challenging you.

I will listen, ask, guide and hold you accountable to your goals and aspirations.

Ready to get started? Book your free session today and let's make you the priority.


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