If you’re ready for a career change, struggle with your boss, or feel like there’s more out there for you, then this 20-day course-meets-coaching program is for you



While this may appear to be a woman contently working, inside she wants more fulfillment, more purpose BUT she also thinks she should be happy right where she is. I know this story because it used to be mine.

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Work shouldn’t feel like torture.

It might not always be a basket of puppies wearing bow ties, but it shouldn’t make you want to cry alone in your car.

Feeling undervalued, unappreciated, unchallenged and under-compensated can make you feel this way.

I want you to know, if you hate your job and feel the money is no longer worth it — you CAN get paid the same or more somewhere else.

This is a unicorn

Every job posting is written for a unicorn, the perfect candidate who doesn't actually exist. And yet we love comparing ourselves to him. (And that's just horse manure.)

If you've thought to yourself I don't have these qualifications, I'm going to have to stay where I am. I want you to know this guy doesn't exist and you have unicorn-like qualities too!

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YOU are awesome the way you arebut the way you present yourself isn’t helping you

Common Mistakes I See

Thinking you only need a resume

"If I get my foot in the door I would get the job." I've heard this over and over again! The level of prep for your resume needs to match or exceed the level of prep for your interview. 

Asking the Wrong Questions

From my 15 years as a hiring manager I can tell you what questions will squash a job offer in seconds flat!

Emily's course was so impactful for me. I was able to take it as time allowed but felt it prepared me for all aspects of my job search. In addition, the coursework helped me clear some static in my thought process. I'm a seasoned HR professional and have prided myself on writing good resumes but Emily's guidance supported me in writing a GREAT resume.

Emily was accessible and helped me land the job I wanted although I had three offers and had the luxury of choosing the right fit with the highest compensation. I would highly recommend Emily's course as being affordable and impactful!

       Bethany - Director of Human Resources

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Present the real, amazing you to get a really amazing job

In this 20 day program, I’m going to show you how you can make the ultimate shift from struggling to find the right job, feeling stretched too thin, feeling uncertain of what you should be doing, to marketing yourself into the role of your dreams.

I’ll take you from Application to Offer

There are just 4 simple steps to a successful career search

Interview Process



LinkedIn Profile

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Emily is quite simply a coaching ROCKSTAR! Yes - she equipped me with a resume and revamped LinkedIn profile, but my experience with her was more valuable then these things! She empowered me to dream again and set new goals for myself in order to pursue what sets my soul on fire!

Oh yeah, I landed my #1 ‘dream job’ with the brand of my choice within 30 days based on Emily’s framework and coaching!

       Zack - Customer Experience Executive

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20 days from now, you could be a whole new you
(or at least look like you are to recruiters)

Over 20 days, you’ll get 1 video every weekday.

Videos are between 5 and 7 minutes and I'll send notifications right to your email reminding you to easily login to the course platform from your mobile device or laptop to watch the quick lesson.

Worried you’ll fall behind? Don’t worry — you get lifetime access to all my teaching videos and tools.

Use the tools I built based on my 15 years of corporate hiring (and getting hired) 


Step 1: Believe It  

Let go of your limiting beliefs to build a foundation for success.  

Step 2: Write It

Learn your unique strengths and how best to display them in a BOT resistant resume and searchable LinkedIn profile.


Step 3: Tell It

Learn how to tell your story in interviews powerfully yet succinctly to land job offers.

Step 4: Negotiate It

How to negotiate in a professional way that leads to leadership.

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This is for you if

1 or more of these things rings true.....

➡️ You're ready for the next step

🤬 You're struggling with your boss or work culture

🙌🏻 You just want to make sure you’re “doing it right”

❔🤷🏻‍♀️ You've ever said, “I don’t know how to talk about myself”

Customer Testimonial
Working with Emily has been a game changer for my career and more importantly my happiness. Emily showed me how to easily string all of my experiences and desires together and helped me craft meaningful tools to showcase it all. I have no doubt if you work with Emily, you will feel the same way I do. I can't thank her enough.

       Ann - Business Development Manager

Your Guide, Emily Hawkins

After spending over 15 years in corporate America and private practice guiding people in their careers, I have found that most of us don't recognize our true gifts and therefore, take the first stable job that comes our way.

After working with hundreds of people at all levels, I've been able to help them break this pattern easily and effectively, taking their careers to new heights doing what they love.

Taking what I've learned over nearly 2 decades in the hiring arena, I have created an easy to follow process to help you construct your unique story and tell it to recruiters.

Emily Hawkins

Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” After 15 years of sitting through painful interviews, I created this course not for you, but for ME — so I’d never have to hear someone describe their “greatest weakness” as “perfectionism” again.

Emily is a helpful advisor at any stage in your career. She’s a passionate storyteller who helps you craft an authentic career story that is consistent and appealing. She lets you be you but offers genuine insight on aligning the best of you with what the job market demands.

Brandon - Marketing Executive

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Plus When You Join the Program, You Get These Valuable Bonuses

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Flawless Follow-Up Guide

The hiring process can be slow which is why I've included a follow-up guide to keep you top of mind without coming off annoying or pushy.

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Final Interview Plan

Everyone needs a plan of action and this bonus lays out something to take to your final interview that will set you apart from everyone else. 

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Live Q&A Sessions

Once a week you get personal access to me in a live support session. Designed to keep you unstuck and full of momentum.

Frequently Asked Questions

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