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LeaderSHIFT Playbook

A 4-week mindset transformation showing you how to effectively lead yourself and your team.

"A great course for someone trying to get promoted or someone entering a leadership position."

Emily will guide you through her 8 LeaderSHIFT laws and help you identify your barriers, purpose and what success means to you.

By embracing your self-awareness you will learn to look inward to continually grow and learn.

Working Together

There are 8 LeaderSHIFT Laws 

Learn to master them in your own life
and then watch them elevate your team.

This isn’t another
one-and-done motivational or team-building program.

It will jump-start your personal growth and sustainable value to your business.

Why? Because the program is realistic to today’s world: it identifies many types of challenges, and many types of resources. Moreover, they don’t all involve increased personal commitment - there’s nothing wrong with delegating or just completely removing a problem.​


There are multiple ways to solve a problem, Emily Hawkins' LeaderSHIFT will guide you to the one that fits you best.

Bridging the transition gap from doer to leader quickly

Bridging the transition gap
from doer to leader quickly

The LeaderSHIFT Playbook bridges the leadership gap by providing real-life examples and support while also providing referencable material that will help these leaders reassess over time as they journey down their leadership path.

Ownership from your whole team

When a leader is strong they show their team respect and foster a sense of pride in the team's work. A strong leader makes each team member feel significant, instilling in them how their work matters to the organization as a whole.

Creating depth and breadth
within your teams

Unmasking leadership ability also gives you the power to move talent cross-functionally to create robust teams in all departments utilizing the strengths and talents of your current talent pool.