With over 15 years in corporate America working with budgets, processes, and people I can help you streamline your time, team and career aspirations to land a new role, a promotion or a completely new venture. Armed with a Georgia Tech MBA and a Robbins-Madanes (yes, Tony Robbins!) life coaching certification, I have been uncovering the potential in people for years.  


As a career coach and corporate leader, I’ve seen the most common mistakes people make over and over- many I learned through my own failures. I ended that vicious cycle when I took charge of my life. You’re next! 


I remember standing in my kitchen, face soaked with tears, telling my husband how defeated I felt at work every day. Like nothing I did mattered. In a lovingly blunt way, he told me to quit feeling sorry for myself and do something about it.


So I did! And now, five years later, I have something I was so desperately missing before…purpose.


I created a system that helps people who feel lost in their lives or careers like I did. It’s for those of us who feel powerless, alone, or just STUCK. And now I’m sharing it with you.


I have also lived and breathed the maze we call “corporate America,” building and leading many successful teams.

Hi, I’m Emily

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