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What are our hopes as doers? A promotion! Except a great doer doesn't always know how to communicate their skills onto a team. Without this, you will perpetually stay in doer mode causing frustration, resentment, and turnover on your team. This is what I refer to as "death by doer."

Unknowingly killing all hope, creativity, and productivity of a team.

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Moving into a leadership role should feel exciting, not like babysitting!

It might not always be a basket of puppies wearing bow ties, but it shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out in frustration.

Feeling like you're pulling your team along and doing everything for them can make you feel this way.

I want you to know, if you think you can't lead a team — you CAN and with you as their leader you will do more than you could alone.

Stop Feeling Intimidated 

Or maybe you're intimidated by leading because you lack the belief in your own abilities. You think you need a special degree or decades of experience. 

If you've thought, I'm going to have to stay where I am. I want you to know you have EXACTLY what you need for a role in leadership!

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YOU are awesome the way you arebut the way you communicate isn’t helping you

Common Mistakes I See

Thinking you can do it all

"I'll just do it myself because it will be faster." I said this as a new leader too! Communicating a task properly will actually save you time in the long run.


From my 15 years as a manager I can tell you that assumption is the root of all evil and will frustrate you and irritate your team all at the same time.

Emily is thoughtful and direct. Through this approach of being empathetic, but not shying away from hard conversations, she really helped face tough career decisions.

As someone new to leadership, Emily offered me a point of view I could relate to, but from a vantage point of having been there already.

Because she is a life coach and not just career, her holistic way of thinking helped me pinpoint ways to correct both. I have since recommended her to over 5 people and will continue to do so.

Her help is invaluable! 


Brand Experience Strategist

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Remarkable leaders understand how to communicate along with what it

takes in all areas of leadership to sustainably manage a successful team

that grows its members personally and professionally.

In this 4 week program, I’m going to show you how you can make the ultimate shift from struggling to communicate, feeling stretched too thin, feeling uncertain of what you should be doing, to leading yourself and your team to becoming the most productive piece of the organization.

I’ll teach you the 8 LeaderSHIFT Laws to sustainable success

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Customer Testimonial

Passionate career expert is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Emily. For several months, I had the plesaure of working with Emily, who is an excellent coach bringing much hands-on experience from her previous career. She has a genuine interest in helping people - with her creativity she can effortlessly assist and guide you in your journey. As a coach and career expert, Emily earns my highest recommendation.      

Kelly - Account Executive

Use the tools I built based on my own leadership journey


Step 1: The Mindset

Changing your thought process from the law of scarcity to the law of abundance, creating positive statements around each law.


Step 2: The How

Going beyond concept to action, we put each law into practice.


Step 3: The Reassessment

Tailoring the laws to your life, we push you through roadblocks creating a productive action plan for YOUR life.

Step 4: The SHIFT

Taking our learnings from the previous steps to lead and communicate to move your team to the next level.

This is for you if

1 or more of these things rings true.....

  • You're ready for the next level in your organization and want to equip yourself with the right tools for leadership

  • You're hungry to learn more ways to increase productivity on your team

  • You're looking for a way to level up your communication within or across teams.

  • You're the go-to person, when assigned tasks you're always on time and under budget

Customer Testimonial

Emily is a tremendous, enthusiastic leader who is committed to her clients, her team, and her profession. She is consistently encouraging, motivating, and compassionate. She is the kind of great career coach every employee wants and every company needs.

       Scott - Global Supply Chain Leader

Your Guide, Emily Hawkins

As a new leader early in my career I fell flat on my face! Only after digging into my personal beliefs about myself and my talents could I truly understand how to share and lead a team.  With this knowledge I quickly put my findings into practice and grew my team into the most productive in the company
Taking what I learned , I have created an easy to follow process to help you sustainably lead teams and grow your influence.
My life's mission is to help you discover and utilize your talents for productive lasting results that inspire the people around you.


Emily Hawkins

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