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4 Simple Steps to Job Search Success

The secret to landing more interviews and better offers in your industry

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☑️ You have a burning desire to move to a new role and want to make sure you get things right the first time

☑️ You have been stuck on the sideline not knowing the right first or next move

☑️  You want to learn how you can land more interviews and better offers while managing a soul-sucking day job



In This Workshop You'll Learn:

☑️ The top 4 mistakes that EVERYBODY makes in their job search and WHY those mistakes are costing you precious time and money.

☑️ The secrets to increasing your LinkedIn visibility, and having recruiters reach out to YOU even in today’s economy.

☑️ Why most job searches fail to reach their goals and the 4 things you must focus on in your job search for success.

Hey, Emily Hawkins here!

Taking what I've learned over nearly 2 decades in the hiring arena, I've created an easy to follow process to take the overwhelm out of your job search.

I've found the exact ingredients that differentiate a wildly successful job seeker - so that YOU can land more interviews and get better offers.

If you're committed to making 2021 the year you finally find that new role and make a deeper impact, then I can't wait to help get you there faster.

I have students in all types of markets across the U.S. making a big impact in their communities landing opportunities.


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"I strongly recommend that you give Emily Hawkins the opportunity to help you flourish in today's uncertain job market by making you become the best of yourself."


"Emily's teaching style is structured, yet still uniquely personal. She has been an amazing resource in a time that's been challenging professionally and personally."


"This webinar really teaches you how to use the tools you need to land that perfectly satisfying, well-paying job that you have been dreaming of and deserve!"

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